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CREST Selects Dr. Natalie Archer as Spokesperson

Dr Archer for CREST Medifacts

Crest Canada, the toothpaste company, picked Toronto dentist Dr Natalie Archer to speak on their behalf in a Buchanon Group Medifacts infomercial promoting their Pro Health toothpaste.

In this Crest Canada sponsored Medifacts clip, Dr. Natalie Archer DDS plays herself, a real life dentist in Toronto, as she breaks down the benefits of incorporating Pro-Health toothpaste with stannous flouride into your oral healthcare routine. Stannous fluoride is a well known anti-bacterial agent that’s clinically proven to protect against gingivitis, plaque and tooth sensitivity, while still providing the trusted cavity protection you expect from Crest toothpaste.  Stannous (from Latin stannum, ‘tin’) flouride is a chemical compound with the formula SnF2.
stanous flouride in toothpaste

Buchanon Group, makers of ‘Brand Power’, ‘MediFacts’ and ‘InfoTalk’ are leading producers of infomercials in Canada and around the world.  .

Buchanon’s 2014 Aspirin Medifacts Video Went Viral

Buchanon’s Medifacts video series has been around for a decade or more now.  Their most famous video was shot in late 2014 when the ASPIRIN 81mg brand from Bayer received approval from Health Canada to claim it may help save a life in the event of a heart attack.  The approved claim was, “If you think you’re having a heart attack, call 9-1-1 and chew 2 ASPIRIN 81mg”. So they made a Medifacts video to tell the nation. And it worked.

In the following two years, consumer testimonials were received thanking the brand for sharing this message and for helping to save the life of loved ones. Consumers also relayed that when paramedics arrived on scene, they often asked if the patient had taken ASPIRIN.

The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin, a Dental Nutritionist

Raspberries are part of The Dental Diet


What if crooked teeth haven’t always been as commonplace as they are today? How about the theory that modern wisdom tooth extractions aren’t actually linked to evolution but rather to diet? And what if we thought about dental health as the foundation for our physical health as a whole? These are some of the ideas that Dr. Steven Lin puts forward in his ground-breaking book,  The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link Between Your Teeth, Real Food and Life-Changing Natural Health.

The Dental Diet by Dr Steven LinDr. Steven Lin is an experienced dentist and the world’s first dental nutritionist. In The Dental Diet, he analyzes our ancestral traditions, epigenetics, gut health, and the microbiome in order to develop food-based principles for a literal top-down holistic health approach. 
The Dental Diet posits that two of the biggest societal changes to influence and permanently alter our relationship with food are the Agricultural Revolution followed by the Industrial Revolution.
The (Second) Agricultural Revolution streamlined the farming process so that more people in the growing population could be fed.  While the first agricultural Revolution happened in 10,000 BC,  the second occurred with the increase of labour and land productivity and the introduction of fertilizers.  Food was more easily produced and certain crops became more abundant, but the soil was no longer able to pass on the same quality or quantity of nutrients.
The Industrial Revolution, which followed the Agricultural Revolution, shifted the bulk of the work to machines.  Work which had previously been done by hand or by using simple tools in rural, farming societies was now mass produced using powered tools, special-purpose machinery and factories. 
As a result of these two major societal shifts, we no longer eat the same foods that our species consumed in the past, and the foods that we do ingest are often processed and stripped of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are vital for our bodies to function.  Additionally, processed foods often travel longer distances and are chemically altered to prevent spoilage which can wreak havoc on our digestive systems and throw off the balance of our gastrointestinal microbiome (essentially, the ecosystem existing inside of our mouths, stomach, intestines, and colon.) 

What Changed after the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions?

Dr Steven Lin. author of the Dental Diet One of the major consequences of the shift from how our ancestors ate to how we currently eat is that many peoples’ jaws are no longer developing properly. Underdeveloped jaws can cause an array of health problems ranging from the obvious (crooked teeth/malocclusion and not enough room for wisdom teeth to erupt into the mouth properly) to the seemingly unrelated. Dr. Lin believes that most breathing and sleep disorders (like sleep apnea, for instance) are a direct result of an underdeveloped jaw. Those with an underdeveloped jaw don’t just lack room in their mouth for all of their teeth, they also don’t have enough space for their tongues to sit comfortably when at rest (which can result in the tongue blocking the airway when a person is sleeping.)
So how can we fix the problem? Dr. Lin believes that we need to change our habits (breathing through the nose and pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth to strengthen the palate) and change our diets in order to re-align and strengthen our digestive systems (which begins with the mouth and teeth.)
Dr Lin acknowledges that we can’t go back to eating the way that our hunting and gathering ancestors did (nor should we), but we can cut down on our consumption of processed foods and sugars while simultaneously working to incorporate more whole foods into our diets.

What are Whole Foods?

blueberries are part of the Dental Diet

 Whole foods are foods that can be eaten as-is or with very little preparation/alteration. Whole foods are not processed or refined and are free of the kinds of harmful additives typically found in processed foods.

Some examples of whole foods are fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and certain grains like brown rice and rolled oats.
brocolli is part of The Dental Diet

Whole foods are vital for our digestive system’s microbiome because they maintain balance and feed the good bacteria living in our bodies. Whole foods also provide maximum nutritional value and often contain phytochemicals like antioxidants which boost the immune system and help repair cells that have been damaged by a diet high in processed foods and low in nutritional value. Many whole foods – things like blueberries, ginger, and garlic – also contain anti-inflammatory properties which can help your body heal from a number of conditions ranging from joint pain to IBD.

chicken eggsIn addition to eating locally sourced and organically grown fruits and vegetables, one of the best things you can do is eat meat and consume animal by-products from animals (like cows and chickens) that are free-range and have been fed grass rather than grain.
An animal raised on a diet of grain rather than grass lacks the nutrients their body – and by extension your body – needs to function as optimally as possible. The same concept applies to fish; the next time you’re buying salmon (an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids), look for wild Atlantic rather than farmed. 
Want to learn more about how our diet impacts our health and what foods you should eat to protect your oral, digestive, and overall health? Read The Dental Diet (complete with recipes and a detailed scientific breakdown of all of the information discussed in this blog post.)

Our Shoot the Tooth Booth Impacted the 2018 Taste of Little Italy

archer dental little italy

Just twelve hours after we’d packed away the red carpet and red velvet ropes that had adorned the entrance to our Launch Party for Archer Dental Little Italy the night before, we returned to 564 College St to participate in the annual Taste of Little Italy street festival.

The Taste of Little Italy is a cultural celebration that transforms College Street from Bathurst to Shaw into an Italian piazza and promenade. Visitors from all across the city, and all across Ontario, come to the area and enjoy seeing and sampling the offerings made by participating shops; many businesses (especially the Italian restaurants and cafes lining College Street) put out specials for customers all along the four block stretch. Much of the cuisine on offer is packaged for mobile consumption. We saw folks munching on roast corn cobs, veal sandwiches, steak burgers, grilled chicken on a bun wrapped in foil, shrimp kabobs and all different types of ice creams. Several people were walking and drinking liquid from half-watermelon bowls.

This annual event brings thousands of people into Little Italy to experience the perks of the neighbourhood, and after the official launch party for Archer Dental Little Italy held the night before, our boutique dental shop was ready to say Hello World, and let everyone know there’s a new dentist on College Street. We were especially keen to meet and greet local Moms and Dads with young families. We knew the best way to do this was to somehow get the kids excited, and so we came up with an interactive challenge that, as you can see below, is very on-brand.Archer Dental Little Italy - shoot the tooth

Archer Dental’s #ShootTheTooth Archery Game at 2018 Taste of Little Italy was a Big Hit!

The activity was simple and appealed to young people aged five to fifteen. The game asked participants to pick up a bow & arrow and shoot the tooth that appeared in the ‘sights’ emblazoned on a vinyl sheet under our name and logo.  Winners received a free ice cream cup (gift certificate) from the The Big Chill, a classic neighborhood ice cream parlor located right next door to Archer Dental Little Italy and visible in the background of many of these getting ice cream at local ice cream parlour

All participants walked away with a balloon in one of three primary Italian flag colours – red, white or green.

Archer Dental Little Italy - shoot the tooth

Event branding is all about capturing the essence of your brand and giving it a proper showcase. Given the situation that presented itself, this archery related sports activity checked a lot of boxes.  For one thing,  it’s a kid magnet.  Young people’s eyes light-up when they first see that tooth and the suction cup bow & arrows.  Almost instinctually, young people have an inherently strong desire to shoot that tooth. Mom and Dad are equally thrilled to be part of the action and, without much prompting, reach for their phones to record the moment for themselves and friends via social media.

Having a storefront location in the middle of a busy street festival allows Archer Dental the rare and special opportunity to reach out and directly interface with the public right in front of our dental office.  During our installation, we challenged over a hundred Toronto area families to shoot the tooth and helped them experience fun moments they’ll never forget.

action hero sister shows shy counterpart how to hit the target

Let me share with you the story of these two young ladies who are very different sisters. The girl in the pink ball cap (seen above) is very adventurous, and she came right up and asked to be allowed to try the event. Her mother came along afterwards to record it using her phone.  Mom was followed by a shy daughter in the white cap who couldn’t be persuaded to try the activity (at first, anyway).

Archer Dental tooth target rebel girl

The girl in pink hit the tooth on the very first try, stepping into the shot so the arrow had more power;  the suction-cup tipped arrow hit the vinyl tooth target with a whack and even stuck for a second before falling to the ground. The action was followed by lots of cheers and high fives as the young winner was bequeathed her prize: a gift certificate for a free ice cream at The Big cream parlour

Minutes later, her sister had come to understand that her shyness had cost her a cone. She wanted the opportunity to shoot the tooth too!

two sister at taste of little italy archer dental We laughed aloud when both returned, prize in hand, to ask if the sister in white could try playing the game.

shy sister truies shoot the tooth archery game at Archer Dental

Our first foray into event branding wasn’t perfect, either.  We learned a lot and will definitely have some new tricks up our sleeves for next year.

Archer Dental shoot the tooth

The untested Shoot the Tooth game worked well at wrangling crowds, but didn’t really satisfy shooters who soon found they couldn’t make the suction cup arrows stick on the vinyl target.  These arrows’ suction cup tips are made of soft plastic and not rubber, so they really only stick to walls with smooth finishes.  But we have dreamed up a new activity that we call Shoot the Tooth Mark II.  Just wait till you see how it brings new meaning to the term ‘cavity’ (a word which Archer Dental doesn’t use anymore, clinically).

Acher Dental vinyl target

Events are where the magic happens, so it’s only natural that good branding should happen here too. Just watch what we do with this booth next year!

Archer Dental Little Italy Launches During the 2018 Taste of Little Italy Street Festival

a mariachi band rehearses in front of Archer Dental Little Italy

Last Friday night was a very special evening for everyone at Archer Dental as we officially launched our new location at 564 College Street.  Archer Dental Little Italy was born in a blaze of Italian pizza, prosecco and Paparazzi photos!  The dentists, dental hygienists, our dental office administrators (plus their families and friends) and several other notable guests all gathered on site to raise a glass to the future.

Joanne, Natalie, Adrianna, Vanessa at Little Italy Launch Party

This was a VIP, invite-only affair. Outside the office was red carpet with silver stanchions and red velvet ropes.  Nothing says exclusive event like ten feet of bright red carpet.  Our formal Launch Party even had a burly bouncer checking RSVP invites at the door.

The red carpet attracted past and present Archer Dental patients from across the city. People who were not on the official RSVP list, but who could prove they were friends of Archer Dental were allowed to enter and join in the celebrations.

VIP guests asking for invtes RSVP

Early in the evening, we had a stream of media mavens, bloggers and lifelong patients.  In the picture below, you can see that the Taste of Little Italy street festival is just getting underway outside as Christina Paruag of FemEvolve health and wellness magazine prepares to chat with Dr Natalie Archer.

Christina Paruag - FemEvolve magazine

Amico’s Pizza catered the food, twice; they served Italian meatballs and their signature deluxe pizzas.  The first load appeared at seven o’clock and was followed by another delivery at eight.

Archer Dental Launch Party - spicy Italian meatballs

Below is Dr Grant Yiu with Dr Natalie Archer and some of the extended staff and service providers. Our youngest guest is also pictured here as Grant’s daughter, Mia, stayed up well past her bed time!  Archer Dental Little Italy is a family friendly practice with a focus on kids; read about our Shoot the Tooth archery game booth held during the 2018 Taste of Little Italy street festival.

Archer Dental admin

We love kids.  Archer Dental Little Italy is located near two busy schools: Clinton Street Junior Public School at 460 Manning Ave teaches Kindergarten to Grade 6, and St Francis Assisi Catholic School is located at 80 Clinton Street and is also Kindergarten to Grade Eight. We hope families will find and use our newest location on College Street.

A Mariachi Exclamation Mark Ended the Evening

Around nine pm, a fully costumed and properly equipped mariachi band showed up and serenaded guests with classics, “Cielito Lindo”, “Guantanamera”, “Mexico Lindo Y Querido” and “Cuando, Cuando, Cuando”; they were the real deal, and so it was a terrific surprise when guests learned that one of the troubadours is an Archer Dental staff member!

Mariachi band plays at Archer Dental Little Italy launch Party during Taste of Little Italy

Everyone was dancing and enjoying the upbeat musical stylings of the mariachi band.

Dental Hygienists at Archer Dental Little Italy Launch

The mariachi entertained our guests for twenty minutes as the perfect end to an already incredible night.

Marachi band at Archer Dental little Italy

Come visit us anytime at Archer Dental Little Italy, 564 College St, and keep your eyes open for our anniversary party during next year’s Taste of Little Italy festival.

Wisdom Teeth Removal as a Right of Passage in Popular Culture

Malcolm middle wisdom teeth

Throughout recorded time, and in many ways right up to this point in our human evolution, wisdom teeth removal was an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved.  Almost all historical references to the operation dwell on the pain and discomfort of the surgery.  The Egyptians pioneered it, and the Babylonians tried it too. Hammurabi’s Code, written in 1754 BC references tooth pulling as a form of punishment.  The surprising appearance of new teeth was noted in texts by Plato and Hippocrates, and later, Europe’s medieval writers would link wisdom teeth to the ‘tooth worm’ which – it was then believed – erupted unseen in people’s mouths to create otherwise unexplained holes in teeth (especially favoring the last molars.)  In monasteries throughout Europe, there were ascetic monks who suffered (and eventually died from)  impacted wisdom teeth as a form of penitents.  And although the 18th century was an Age of Enlightenment for the arts, literature, science and statecraft, common everyday dental care was still very much stuck in the Dark Ages.

Wisdom Tooth Art Print - Zazzle

Gold Wisdom print designed by ElectricPopSpot and printed by

Luckily for us, all of that has changed with modernity;  vocational training produces highly skilled dentists, and modern science equips them with effective medical equipment. The profession’s expertise and machinery just keeps getting better, and so does the pain mitigating pharmaceuticals available to patients.  These three elements combined have changed people’s perception of the wisdom tooth removal process, and this is reflected in our mainstream media and popular culture in general.

Today, wisdom teeth removal is something of a grand event in young peoples’ lives; the experience has three distinct stages  1) anticipating , 2) enduring and 3) recovering afterwards (through a combination of resting and ingesting delicious soft foods.)  This medical mark-of-maturation is now celebrated in many different ways.  While there are references in popular music, films and TV shows, wisdom teeth removal videos are especially popular on YouTube; the once dreaded experience now presents young people with a legitimate (and completely legal) opportunity to record themselves in an altered state. The premise is usually the same – a patient recovering from wisdom tooth removal surgery solicits fame as they request a meeting with their favourite film and TV celebrity heroes – but each video still manages to be uniquely entertaining.

University & College Kids Get Wisdom Teeth Done in Summer Break

During their ‘Wisdom Tooth Summer’, many university and college students return to their parents’ house for what is likely to be their last summer at home.  Its also quite common to see these same young scholars use the break to get their wisdom teeth removed.  And so, together, the two events often become a rite of passage. The surgery is so commonplace in this age group that it’s estimated that well over 500,000 wisdom teeth are extracted across Canada during June, July and August of each year.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Popular Music

Crash test Dummies - wisdom teeth refernce in Bereft Man

The Ghosts That Haunt Me / Crash Test Dummies – 1991

The ubiquity of wisdom teeth extends all the way into the music industry. Just look at the lyrics in this Crash Test Dummies’ song where the narrator proclaims he’s one of the few people alive who have all their wisdom teeth (but still says things that aren’t so wise).

Comin’ Back Soon (The Bereft Man’s Song)
I’ve all my wisdom teeth
Two up top, two beneath
And yet I’ll recognize
My mouth says things that aren’t so wise
But when I sing my darling’s praise, I know I’m right, or close anyways.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in American Television

In a number of recent television sitcoms, wisdom teeth removal surgery is used as a plot device to put a strong character at a medically induced disadvantage. In the show Broad City, in an episode titled Wisdom Teeth, the female lead, while on a double dose of Vicodin, asks a less than desirable male counterpart for a date (in a 23-minute voicemail that involves a Drew Barrymore impression).

A similar scenario unfolds in The Middle, with Malcolm recording his siblings while they’re both under the influence of a dentist’s painkillers.

Long islna dMedium - wisdom Teeth removal

In Season Eight, Episode Eight of Long Island Medium, we get some good insights into how families with millennials are affected by the operation, and how they rally around their suffering siblings while secretly enjoying the family member’s temporary weakness.  Once again, you can see the medicine in the female character’s hands as she helps her brother move about the house. The show celebrates love, family support, and all the silly things people say when under the influence of powerful pain killers.

wisdom tooth removal recovery video on YouTube

On YouTube, video uploads of subjects ‘recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery’ are so common that the phenomenon is considered to be its own content niche. Countless young people have recorded curious self-reflections from passenger seats in cars, presumably as they are being driven home from a hospital or dental clinic. Their awkward thoughts and sloppy speech are recorded  while still under the influence of the drugs administered during the wisdom teeth removal surgery.  The titles of these videos employ words like ‘recovering after surgery’ and ‘still under influence’.

wisdom teeth recovery videos

A number of everyday Americans have used their wisdom teeth removal scenario to meet their celebrity idols;  Ellen Degeneres flew one viral video subject to her television studio for an interview, and Ryan Reynolds sent another to an exclusive Deadpool screening after that young man’s Recovery Video accrued half a million views.

As pop culture has shown us, having your wisdom teeth removed isn’t nearly as terrifying as it sounds. Not only is it a rite of passage that marks the passage of time between childhood and adulthood, but it’s also an opportunity to relax and let yourself be silly. Who knows? Maybe your post-wisdom teeth removal video will be the next viral sensation.

Dr. Archer Tackles Halitosis on CBC talk show, The Goods

Dr natalie Archer of Archer Dental on CBC The Goods, 22 jan 2018

On Tuesday, Jan 22nd 2018, Toronto dentist, Dr. Natalie Archer appeared on Season 2 Episode 7 of the CBC daytime TV talk show, The Goods to share some quick facts about bad breath and the medical condition known as Halitosis.  Even more importantly, Dr. Archer told the live studio audience and thousands of home viewers what they can do to help the situation if they’re among the 35% to 40% of all Canadians who struggle with bad breath.

With charismatic hosts and good audience interaction, the show is easy to watch and an effective teaching tool. In the ten-minute sequence, the in-studio audience gets their chance to vote ‘true’ or ‘false’ with coloured wooden paddles before Dr. Archer definitively answered a series of dental related questions. Dr. Archer’s replies were full of interesting and useful information and that, along with the audience participation, added drama and intrigue to what might have otherwise been a less exciting segment.

wide shot of CBC studio for The Goods, audience interaction on dental issues Halitosis

Wide shot of The Goods TV studio with Dr Natalie Archer discussing bad breath – courtesy of CBC, The Goods

Brushing and flossing regularly is your best defense against bad breath. True or False?

As you can probably guess, this is True, and almost the entire audience guessed this and waved their TRUE paddles. Careful, methodical, twice-daily brushing and flossing is the primary method of combating bad breath and keeping human mouths clean. And there’s a reason dental hygienists all tell their patients to floss regularly; flossing is one of the best ways to remove food particles from in between teeth. When food remains anywhere in the mouth, bacteria will break down the material creating a sulfur-like compound that gives off a fermented, bad-breath smell (aka. Dragon Breath or really bad morning breath). This is the reason why Dr. Archer recommends that patients floss their teeth before they brush for best results.

Dentists recommend using 10 inches of floss when cleaning teeth? True or False?

Dr Natalie Archer holds ten inches of flass to show its not enough floss to properly clean teeth

Dr Archer shows why ten inches of floss is not enough! Photo courtesy of CBC, The Goods

False. Ten inches is not enough! You need sixteen inches of floss or more to ensure you use a fresh part of the waxy thread between each tooth (so the cord won’t transfer food particles or plaque to other teeth as you clean).  A great way to measure is to pull floss the length of your arm, from finger tips to elbow.

At this point one of the hosts asked about the value of Flosser Pics, the plastic spike with a little more than a centimeter of floss in a bow at the end. Are these valuable oral hygiene aids? Interestingly, Dr Archer is not the World’s biggest fan of these tiny plastic innovations. While she praised their ubiquity and convenience, she reinforced the notion that old school flossing with 16 inches of fresh dental floss twice a day remains the best choice for optimal oral heath.

Sugar-free gum is one of the best ways to combat bad breath temporarily. True or False?

True. Sugar-free gum, if chewed for five minutes or less, is a great way to freshen your breath. They keyword here is temporarily because this is not a long-term solution. Indeed, Dr. Archer recommends disposing the gum after only five minutes. The gum works because it stimulates the mouth’s own salivary glands, and for this reason, gum is better than candy or mints.

Dr Natalie Archer of Archer Dental in Toronto on CBC daytime television show, The Goods

Dr Archer explains why babies always have fresh breath, photo courtesy of CBC, The Goods

Why do babies and even toddlers never have bad breath? Babies don’t have bad breath because their mouths are full of saliva that helps keep their breath fresh. Anything adults can do to increase their saliva flow is beneficial, and so, conversely drinking alcohol or even using an alcohol-based mouthwash just before you retire for the evening is a terrible practice. Its detrimental to your salivary system and such alcohol-scorched mouths may end up drier, and potentially smellier in the morning than if they had not gargled before bed.

Bad breath sufferers can’t smell their own stinky breath.  True or False?

True. In so many cases people just get used to all their own smells, and so will find it difficult to detect if they themselves have bad breath, especially as they get older. Asking a trusted friend seems to be the best way to get this critical unbiased information, and yet many people are too embarrassed to ask. The longer you ignore the problem, though, the worse it can get.

Persistent bad breath smell is usually a sign that something else is wrong, and more complicated dental issues exist in the sufferer’s mouth; these people should be examined by professionals.

Teeth Whitening for Miss World Canada, Cynthia Menard

Miss World Canada gets teeth whitening at Archer Dental

The staff at Archer Dental Rosedale office got quite the surprise when 17 year old Cynthia Menard came in for an appointment on Monday the 22nd October, 2017.

Cynthia Menard for teeth whitening at Archer Dental Rosedale

2017 Miss World Canada – Cynthia Menard at Archer Dental Rosedale

2017 Miss World Canada – Cynthia Menard stopped by for a dental check-up, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening at Archer Dental as part of her preparation to fly to Sanya, China for the Miss World 2017 beauty pageant (the biggest beauty pageant on the planet.)

One of our dental hygienists, Christina, worked with Cynthia the whole way doing a comprehensive cleaning and then guiding her through the teeth whitening process. Due to her hectic schedule after winning her crown in July, and because she had been so busy for many months beforehand, Cynthia had not been to the dentist in over a year. Christina the dental hygienist worked with her to achieve a cleaner, fresher, and brighter smile.

Our front desk staff were proud of themselves that morning and felt lucky they were able to fit Cynthia in that day. But let’s face facts; this wasn’t really what we would consider an emergency.  Canada’s Miss World delegate already has a winning smile. So we signed on to help polish and make perfect our nations’ representative in a competition where every little thing matters, and having bright white teeth is critical.

Cynthia Menard at Archer Dental Rosedale Oct 2017And yes this busy young woman had a very hectic schedule and couldn’t spend more than a few hours with us that morning. Not five minutes after she’d been seated for her appointment, she got a call from the pageant administrators hoping to orchestrate the rest of her day. After her teeth whitening, Cynthia was scheduled to to pick up a mobile make-up kit from MAC Cosmetics in Yorkville to ensure she’ll look her best in Toronto, China and everywhere in between.  After that she was to meet with Helene Clarkson (a famous Canadian clothing designer donating her signature ‘traveler’s clothes’) and then attend one final singing lesson at a local music school to polish her vocal performance.

Pictures of teeth before the cleaning and whitening with digital camera

Cynthia’s visit lasted over three hours but she remained chipper and in bright spirits throughout the procedure. Christina the dental hygienist wanted to make sure that Cynthia’s primary request (she wanted to brighten the natural pale yellow colour of the dentine of her teeth) was remedied as professionally and effectively as possible. Christina examined Cynthia’s teeth and matched her natural colour to one in the Vita Classical Shade Guide, the most ubiquitous tool used for tooth-shade analysis in the world. Using this gauge, Christina gave Cynthia a good idea of what her teeth would look like after they’d been whitened.

Miss World Canada had two Teeth Whitening Options at Archer Dental. She Chose Both.

Dental patients seeking teeth whitening at Archer Dental have two options: the Venus White Pro whitening trays for use at home, or the Venus Whitening Max (an in-house procedure using photo-activated chemical processes). Cynthia got both treatments.

getting dental impressions - top teeth - alginate tray impressions dental staff taking impression for whitening trays

The Venus White Pro take-home whitening solution requires dental impressions to be taken at a dental office. A dental lab then creates special form-fitting whitening trays for each individual consumer’s at-home use. The carbamide peroxide whitening gel in the kits is available in concentrations of 16%, 22% and 35%. The chemical process removes stains and whitens tooth enamel after repeated applications over time (but should be used for no longer than two weeks.)in the dental chair , Miss World Canada - cosmetic dentistry

Christina explained the Venus White Pro whitening product to Cynthia and informed her that there could be sensitivity during and after the whitening procedure. Christina also told Cynthia that there’s always a possibility for gum tissues to look and feel blanched after the treatment. If this were to happen, Cynthia was advised to apply vitamin E oil to the affected areas. For best results, Venus White Pro should be used with custom whitening trays for about ten days, after which most patients report results of noticeably whiter teeth!

dental impressions for teeth whitening traysDental impressions were completed for Cynthia’s upper and lower teeth by using small plastic shovels filled with fast drying silicon clay known as ‘alginate impression set-up’. The small pan was placed into Cynthia’s mouth and the resulting impression left behind becomes a mold from which a sculpture of Cynthia’s teeth will be cast. The resulting casts will be used to create Cynthia’s customized dental trays.

Cynthia Menard getting teeth whitening in Toronto

Once the dental impressions were done and Cynthia had rinsed the last bits of the alginate gel from her mouth, Christina got ready to begin Round Two.

Comprehensive Teeth Cleaning Happens Before Venus Whitening

Christina made sure to clean and polish all of Cynthia’s teeth with Prophy Paste before whitening them to remove any plaque buildup and to address existing stains. Prophy Paste is a pumice-based prophylaxis dentist super toothpaste which is used to clean and polish enamel.

After polishing Cynthia’s smile, Christina flossed all of her teeth with a satin finish Oral B floss.

Miss World Canada before VENUS teeth Whitening Toronto

She then gave her a set of futuristic looking protective glasses and it became clear something exciting was going to happen next.

Cristina placed a small cheek retractor in Cynthia’s mouth to ensure she had full access to her teeth.

Teeth whotening peroxide optical whitening system

Christina then put an OptraGate protective barrier around the retractor to shield the area around her mouth. Cynthia was now ready for the whitening process to begin.

Cynthia Menard at Archer Dental

Aware that Cynthia was about to travel overseas with the express purpose of smiling for the (many, many) cameras, Christina took precautions to ensure that Cynthia’s gums remained healthy and were protected from the whitening gel. Christina applied a temporary ‘gingival barrier’ between the teeth and the gums to protect the gum tissues during the whitening process.

cleaning intense advanced teeth whitening

Here is what photo activated teeth whitening looks like close up!

peroxide laser white teeth whitening in Toronto at Archer Dental

Christina used a 38% Hydrogen peroxide mix on Cynthia’s teeth in four 15 minute back-to-back sessions of photo-activated whitening. Cynthia had no sensitivity during treatment and was quite comfortable, giving the camera a big thumbs-up at the end of the fourth treatment!

thumbs up Archer Dental teeth whitening

And there was lots of laughing and good cheer. Before leaving, Christina gave Cynthia some final instructions: no coloured foods, take an Advil if needed, and use Sensodyne for any sensitivity.

Cynthia Menard cracks jokes in French

Good luck to Cynthia at the 2017 Miss World competition in Sanya, China! All of us at Archer Dental will be cheering you on from Toronto!

Hogtown Wrestler, The Lover, gets a Custom Sports Mouth Guard

In October 2016, Archer Dental was thrilled to positively impact the professional sports world in Toronto when we made a custom sports guard (an athletic mouth guard) for a charming Indy wrestler named The Lover (whose wrestling outfit is adorned with pink hearts and the slogan, ‘I put the harm in charm!‘)

The Lover arriving at Archer Dental The Lover arriving at Archer Dental

The Lover is on the roster as a regular contender at Hogtown Wrestling in Toronto and, in his own words, he’s in-it-to-win-it. He wants a championship titleLike everyone else on the roster, he wants to wear the Hogtown Wrestling Championship Belt and be called ‘The Champ’.

The Lover's Sports GuardThe Lover doesn’t mess around with match fixing politics, nor does he deliberately call out opponents or make any enemies in the ring; He’s too busy obsessing over his own good looks in any mirror or camera lens he can find. 

The Lover is a very good looking muscular man and he knows it!  He also has nice teeth that he wants to keep safe from flying elbows, head butts and face plants. This is a huge part of the reason why we were so happy to help him create a sports guard that would protect his teeth and keep his smile intact!

The Lover’s Sports Guard

Remember a sports guard only covers the top teeth, unlike a full mouth guard which is applied to the whole mouth. The purpose of the sports guard is to act as a shock absorber for the mouth, and to protect the front teeth from excessive force – like being thrown face first into a wrestling mat, or a ring rope post.  The sports mouth guard also protects the athlete’s head and brain from concussion.

If the blow is delivered onto the mouth area, the device also keeps athletes’ lips and tongues safe from being cut on their upper teeth.  This is safety apparel that every professional wrestler should employ and something we are offering the league at discount pricing – (if you’re an athlete reading this and want the same deal, just contact us and tell us your story).

Dr. Archer with the Lover during the fitting Dr. Archer with the Lover during the fitting

When high performance athletes visit our dental office and order a custom sports guard rather than a full mouth guard, it’s because they want the liberty to speak or call out during the game without having to remove a physical speech impediment, and The Lover has a lot to say both inside and outside the wrestling ring.

Custom made sports guards can come in any colour – they are individually designed to fit the athlete’s mouth and so are very comfortable to wear.

To get the custom fit, The Lover visited our Rosedale dental office twice. The first encounter was only 15 minutes long as staff members took an impression of his upper teeth using a quick setting polymer gel.  Then we sent him away and told him to come back a week later (he brought a full camera crew with him to document the occasion!)

The Lover with his completed Sports Guard The Lover with his completed Sports Guard

The thick plastic device was created out of a cement mould made from the hardened polymer gel impression we took of his teeth. He chose the colour pink to match the hearts on his black spandex suit.

It’s important to note that all sports mouth guards should be replaced after 18 months or two ‘seasons’ of play because they can wear down over time, making them less effective as a damage mitigating agent from harmful blows.

Replacement sports guards are especially important for adolescents because their mouths continue to grow as their teeth develop into adulthood. Many athletes who play different sports order new mouth guards from Archer Dental every six months as part of their routine dental check-up.



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