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Teeth Whitening for Miss World Canada, Cynthia Menard

Miss World Canada gets teeth whitening at Archer Dental

The staff at Archer Dental Rosedale office got quite the surprise when 17 year old Cynthia Menard came in for an appointment on Monday the 22nd October, 2017.

Cynthia Menard for teeth whitening at Archer Dental Rosedale

2017 Miss World Canada – Cynthia Menard at Archer Dental Rosedale

2017 Miss World Canada – Cynthia Menard stopped by for a dental check-up, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening at Archer Dental as part of her preparation to fly to Sanya, China for the Miss World 2017 beauty pageant (the biggest beauty pageant on the planet.)

One of our dental hygienists, Christina, worked with Cynthia the whole way doing a comprehensive cleaning and then guiding her through the teeth whitening process. Due to her hectic schedule after winning her crown in July, and because she had been so busy for many months beforehand, Cynthia had not been to the dentist in over a year. Christina the dental hygienist worked with her to achieve a cleaner, fresher, and brighter smile.

Our front desk staff were proud of themselves that morning and felt lucky they were able to fit Cynthia in that day. But let’s face facts; this wasn’t really what we would consider an emergency.  Canada’s Miss World delegate already has a winning smile. So we signed on to help polish and make perfect our nations’ representative in a competition where every little thing matters, and having bright white teeth is critical.

Cynthia Menard at Archer Dental Rosedale Oct 2017And yes this busy young woman had a very hectic schedule and couldn’t spend more than a few hours with us that morning. Not five minutes after she’d been seated for her appointment, she got a call from the pageant administrators hoping to orchestrate the rest of her day. After her teeth whitening, Cynthia was scheduled to to pick up a mobile make-up kit from MAC Cosmetics in Yorkville to ensure she’ll look her best in Toronto, China and everywhere in between.  After that she was to meet with Helene Clarkson (a famous Canadian clothing designer donating her signature ‘traveler’s clothes’) and then attend one final singing lesson at a local music school to polish her vocal performance.

Pictures of teeth before the cleaning and whitening with digital camera

Cynthia’s visit lasted over three hours but she remained chipper and in bright spirits throughout the procedure. Christina the dental hygienist wanted to make sure that Cynthia’s primary request (she wanted to brighten the natural pale yellow colour of the dentine of her teeth) was remedied as professionally and effectively as possible. Christina examined Cynthia’s teeth and matched her natural colour to one in the Vita Classical Shade Guide, the most ubiquitous tool used for tooth-shade analysis in the world. Using this gauge, Christina gave Cynthia a good idea of what her teeth would look like after they’d been whitened.

Miss World Canada had two Teeth Whitening Options at Archer Dental. She Chose Both.

Dental patients seeking teeth whitening at Archer Dental have two options: the Venus White Pro whitening trays for use at home, or the Venus Whitening Max (an in-house procedure using photo-activated chemical processes). Cynthia got both treatments.

getting dental impressions - top teeth - alginate tray impressions dental staff taking impression for whitening trays

The Venus White Pro take-home whitening solution requires dental impressions to be taken at a dental office. A dental lab then creates special form-fitting whitening trays for each individual consumer’s at-home use. The carbamide peroxide whitening gel in the kits is available in concentrations of 16%, 22% and 35%. The chemical process removes stains and whitens tooth enamel after repeated applications over time (but should be used for no longer than two weeks.)in the dental chair , Miss World Canada - cosmetic dentistry

Christina explained the Venus White Pro whitening product to Cynthia and informed her that there could be sensitivity during and after the whitening procedure. Christina also told Cynthia that there’s always a possibility for gum tissues to look and feel blanched after the treatment. If this were to happen, Cynthia was advised to apply vitamin E oil to the affected areas. For best results, Venus White Pro should be used with custom whitening trays for about ten days, after which most patients report results of noticeably whiter teeth!

dental impressions for teeth whitening traysDental impressions were completed for Cynthia’s upper and lower teeth by using small plastic shovels filled with fast drying silicon clay known as ‘alginate impression set-up’. The small pan was placed into Cynthia’s mouth and the resulting impression left behind becomes a mold from which a sculpture of Cynthia’s teeth will be cast. The resulting casts will be used to create Cynthia’s customized dental trays.

Cynthia Menard getting teeth whitening in Toronto

Once the dental impressions were done and Cynthia had rinsed the last bits of the alginate gel from her mouth, Christina got ready to begin Round Two.

Comprehensive Teeth Cleaning Happens Before Venus Whitening

Christina made sure to clean and polish all of Cynthia’s teeth with Prophy Paste before whitening them to remove any plaque buildup and to address existing stains. Prophy Paste is a pumice-based prophylaxis dentist super toothpaste which is used to clean and polish enamel.

After polishing Cynthia’s smile, Christina flossed all of her teeth with a satin finish Oral B floss.

Miss World Canada before VENUS teeth Whitening Toronto

She then gave her a set of futuristic looking protective glasses and it became clear something exciting was going to happen next.

Cristina placed a small cheek retractor in Cynthia’s mouth to ensure she had full access to her teeth.

Teeth whotening peroxide optical whitening system

Christina then put an OptraGate protective barrier around the retractor to shield the area around her mouth. Cynthia was now ready for the whitening process to begin.

Cynthia Menard at Archer Dental

Aware that Cynthia was about to travel overseas with the express purpose of smiling for the (many, many) cameras, Christina took precautions to ensure that Cynthia’s gums remained healthy and were protected from the whitening gel. Christina applied a temporary ‘gingival barrier’ between the teeth and the gums to protect the gum tissues during the whitening process.

cleaning intense advanced teeth whitening

Here is what photo activated teeth whitening looks like close up!

peroxide laser white teeth whitening in Toronto at Archer Dental

Christina used a 38% Hydrogen peroxide mix on Cynthia’s teeth in four 15 minute back-to-back sessions of photo-activated whitening. Cynthia had no sensitivity during treatment and was quite comfortable, giving the camera a big thumbs-up at the end of the fourth treatment!

thumbs up Archer Dental teeth whitening

And there was lots of laughing and good cheer. Before leaving, Christina gave Cynthia some final instructions: no coloured foods, take an Advil if needed, and use Sensodyne for any sensitivity.

Cynthia Menard cracks jokes in French

Good luck to Cynthia at the 2017 Miss World competition in Sanya, China! All of us at Archer Dental will be cheering you on from Toronto!

Review from a Happy Customer

We just love hearing from happy customers! We recently received the following thoughtful review on LinkedIn from Silvia de la Fe Gonzalez. If you would like to leave a review about the service you received at Archer Dental, please visit our Rosedale or Runnymede Yelp pages.

Dr. Natalie Archer — A Distinctive Dentist for Our Times

Knowledgeable. Innovative. Accomplished. Diligent. Passionate. Creative. Compassionate.

These are the words that best describe Dr. Natalie Archer — my dentist. When you walk into her technically modern dental office what immediately summons your attention is the care, warmth and thoughtfulness with which you are greeted by staff. It clearly speaks to Dr. Archer’s commitment to managing a dental practice that has at its centre the value she places on all her patients.

The décor, imaginatively chosen, immediately makes you relaxed — whether it’s the gentle music playing in the background or the waterfall located in the reception area. Patients are seen in a timely manner based on a carefully planned schedule. You are invited into a comfortably designed chair that makes you perfectly at ease.

Each staff member has a special role and task to play in the assessment of patients before Dr. Archer sees you. Dr. Archer, a chic dresser, reviews all the tests and records and explains what you need in clear language and caring tone.

If you look around each office you will instantly know that she is not only deeply caring about her patients and practice, but also about the needs of the most vulnerable in our community who are not able to receive dental care.”

— Silvia de la Fe Gonzalez

Welcome Dr. Diana Wong

Dr. Diana Wong Joins Archer Dental…

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Dr. Diana Wong to all of our patients! Dr. Wong is a welcome addition to the Archer Dental team and is always wearing a big smile.  Dr. Wong has a background in pediatric dentistry and looks forward to meeting all of our “little patients”.

A little bit about Dr. Wong

Dr. Diana Wong graduated from Queen’s University, receiving her BSc. Honours in Life Sciences degree in 2008, and her DDS degree from Dalhousie University in 2012.  She was the recipient of two Nova Scotia Dental Association Prizes.

Following graduation, Dr. Wong was selected to complete a General Practice Residency through the University of Toronto at the Hospital for Sick Children and Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.  She gained valuable experience in pediatric dentistry and with medically compromised patients.  Dr. Wong also has been trained in the use of nitrous oxide and oral sedation for those patients with dental anxiety.

Dr. Wong is committed to patient-centered quality care in a comfortable and friendly environment.  She believes in preventative dental interventions and spends ample time educating and empowering patients with the knowledge to have the best dental health possible.

When Dr. Wong is not practicing dentistry, she spends her time playing the harp, dancing the Argentine tango, background performing in TV shows, and playing various sports.

Voted Best Dentist in Toronto by NOW Magazine

NOW Magazine reader’s have voted Dr. Natalie Archer as Best Dentist in Toronto! In early spring 2013, NOW launched their annual Best Of Series – a campaign that seeks to find the best of the best in Toronto; including everything from Best Restaurant to Best Art Gallery to Best Dentist. The public was asked to nominate those they felt were deserving of being recognized as the best in their industry. Very kindly, supporters of Dr. Natalie Archer nominated her in the category of Best Dentist in Toronto.

In late June, NOW announced the short-list of nominees for Best Dentist which included Dr. Archer and the voting opened up to the public. Voters had until September 25th, 2013 to cast their ballot and today, November 7, 2013, it was announced that Dr. Archer won the award for Best Dentist in Toronto!

NOW Magazine Celebrates Best Of Toronto Winners with an Honourary Breakfast

Dr. Archer and her team attended a celebratory breakfast at the NOW offices in downtown Toronto on Thursday, November 7, 2013.

The team was treated to some delicious treats and presented with a beautiful plaque in honour of their win.

Thank You from Dr. Natalie Archer and Team

Dr. Archer would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who voted her Best Dentist! The Archer Dental team is so grateful to be awarded with this amazing honour. We appreciate the time each and every one of you took to cast your vote and are truly humbled to be named Best Dentist.  We are committed to advancing dental care in our changing world and will continue to provide excellent patient-centred care using a responsive approach.

Dr. Natalie Archer Continues to Work Hard for Toronto

Did you know Dr. Archer is working hard to “Take the Bite Out of Elder Abuse”? Dr. Archer will continue to serve Toronto through her Dental Elder Abuse Response (D.E.A.R.) Project which is funded by the federal government’s New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). The project aims to raise awareness and ultimately prevent dental elder abuse and neglect.

The D.E.A.R. Project does the following:

  • Teaches seniors, dentists, caregivers and families to recognize dental elder abuse and neglect issues.
  • Develops educational materials and tools on the link between oral health and elder abuse and neglect.
  • Forms a network of dentists and people concerned about dental elder abuse and neglect across Canada.

Currently, Dr. Archer and the D.E.A.R. Team are working hard to develop educational materials, deliver workshops and raise awareness to fight dental elder abuse! Check back soon for more updates on the D.E.A.R. project!

The Day After Halloween: Advice from Dr. Natalie Archer

Dr. Natalie Archer on the day after Halloween….

Here we are November 1st, the day after Halloween. Our little trick-or-treaters have been door to door for their treats, gone through all their candy to find their favourite sweets and now are likely asking you at least a few times a day if they can have “just one more” sugary treat!

It’s inevitable that most all of our children love to eat their Halloween candy! But, as a Toronto Dentist, I see an influx of cavities and other oral health issues in children after this spooky time of year.

Dr. Natalie Archer explains how cavities are formed…

When your child enjoys a sugar-filled food or drink, the bacteria in the plaque on the teeth mix with the sugars in the candy to make an acid. The acid in turn attacks the tooth enamel. If the plaque is not removed daily, then the enamel gets soft and a cavity is formed. The longer and more often sugar is on the teeth, the more damage it can do to your little one’s smile.

It’s so very important for parents to limit their child’s candy intake and to really stick to a strict oral health routine. As a parent myself, I know it can be a challenge to get our children to brush and floss on a regular basis, so I would like to share with you some tips on how to keep those smiles healthy long after October 31st.

Dr. Natalie Archer’s Tips for a Healthy Post-Halloween Smile:

  • Limit the number of times a day your child eats sugary foods between meals. Serve snacks that will not harm your child’s teeth, such as vegetables, cheese, nuts or seeds.
  • Try to eat sugary treats at the end of mealtime while there is still plenty of saliva in the mouth. Saliva helps to wash away the sugars and acids.
  • Drink a glass of water after eating a Halloween treat, this help wash away some of the sugars and acids.
  • Avoid soft, sticky treats that get stuck between teeth and are more difficult to brush and floss away.
  • Always have your child brush and floss before going to bed and if possible, after eating a piece of candy.

For those with braces…

I often get parents of children with braces asking me if they can still eat Halloween candy? My answer is “Of course!” however, extra care must be taken. First off avoid nuts, popcorn, tortilla chips, hard candy, caramel and other chewy candies in order to keep their braces safe and intact. Usually, a plainer type of chocolate bar is okay. After enjoying a treat, be sure to pay extra special attention to those braces – brush and floss! Alternatively, you can have your child “trade-in” their candy for another something special, like going to a movie, a small toy or new book.

Following these simple tips and moderating the number of sugary treats your child consumes, should keep everyone happy, healthy and cavity-free!

*Written with reference to the Canadian Dental Association website.