Archer Dental offers a range of services to fit your dental health

In addition to the services we offer below, Archer Dental brings in specialists that can perform everything from orthodontics to wisdom teeth removal and grafting, right in our office. Even if you haven’t seen a dentist in a decade, we’re here to help. Feel comfortable knowing that your health is in the right hands. click any of our services below to learn more.

We believe in full transparency of the cost of your dental care.

We really involve our patients in planning treatment. We spend the time and use the technology necessary for patients to really understand what they need, the treatment options, and the cost components.

Some patients have insurance and some may not. Even for patients who have insurance, coverage can be complicated. At Archer Dental, we work with you so that you can ask the right questions from your insurance company, and we empower you to be advocates for your dental health.

To help you ask the right questions, we’ll outline the parameters of the prescribed dental process. We’ll make sure you understand every legal element of your procedure, including medications, recovery time and price.  This in-person or phone consultation comes at no cost.  (Please understand this is different than a Dental Examination which is billed as per our Ontario Dental Fee Guide).

Our process to determine treatment

X-Rays and Scanning Technology

In order to determine what — if any — treatment is necessary, we need to see your teeth and a recent X-ray. We also have access to scanning technology that can show you what your teeth look like now and what they may look like after treatment. This is how we empower patients to understand their options.

Oral Examination

If you are a new patient, we meet with you for a comprehensive oral examination (costs per Ontario Fee Guide), which is similar to a complete physical exam you would get at your doctor’s office. We perform a thorough intake of your tissues, joint and muscles of your head, perform oral cancer screenings, assess bone levels and explain our findings in terms you can understand. This information is then added to your electronic chart, providing vital baseline information for our team.

Digital Imaging Technology

We use safe, comfortable digital imaging technology to help you understand the state of your mouth and develop an effective, realistic plan for you. Together we can prioritize items, placing some problematic teeth on a “watch list” and treating  other more pressing issues (like tooth decay) more promptly. We take a preventative approach since “teeth are not on a schedule” and things can go wrong at the worst time; a preventative approach also reduces cost.

Wisdom teeth, orthodontics, implants or biopsies

Our team will offer any referrals required to see specialists. We our pleased to let patients know that these services are available on site at our offices for your convenience.

Cost Breakdown

Based on what we’ve determined in this process — including your priorities and what is needed — our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan and budget that works for you. We will provide a full cost breakdown, insuring reasonable fees (even those charged by our suppliers) and maximum results. We believe in transparency.


Do you have insurance? If you do, we can send quotes to your insurance provider to receive predeterminations and confirm what coverage is available for your treatment. In some cases, we will send your insurance provider scans of images and notes explaining why the treatment is necessary — we’re with you every step of the way. If you don’t have insurance, we will discuss payment and financing options on a case by case basis.

Of course, emergencies are booked and dealt with immediately.