Precious few humans are born with white teeth.  Our species has not evolved white teeth naturally, so people of all ages visit Archer Dental.  Pearly white teeth are attractive, convincing and boost confidence and self-esteem.

teeth whitening before and after pictures

Most people have off-white teeth that are within a range of light grey and yellow shades.  Younger people often have whiter teeth, because tooth enamel naturally darkens with age. The appearance of clean, healthy teeth can be affected by stains on enamel acquired by using tobacco and also the consumption of certain foods and drinks.

How much is Teeth Whitening?

Scaling is $58 and requires fifteen minutes of time.  Hygiene Therapy is $232 and is sixty minutes in duration.

At Archer Dental our teeth cleaning service is called Hygiene Therapy. The comprehensive program includes an Oral Health Exam after scaling / cleaning treatment.  For an extra $40 the patient may get an additional tooth polishing service with a coarse or medium paste to remove extrinsic stain such as coffee, tea, wine etc.  This polish has a refreshingly minty taste.

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How long does teeth whitening last?

With GLO Teeth Whitening, the best results with the take home kit occur after three applications each day for seven to fourteen days.

White teeth require maintenance (like most things that are white in this world.)  Each patient’s individual maintenance program depends on other factors which includes their coffee drinking lifestyle, their age and their natural shade. Archer Dental recommends completing a full GLO whitening treatment (which is five to seven days) to achieve the whitest shade. After that, patients are advised to maintain their teeth whitening treatment with just one session each month (three back-to-back applications), followed by another five-to-seven-day full GLO whitening treatment after six months.

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What is the Latest Teeth Whitening Technology?

Archer Dental patients can enjoy GLO Science PRO WHITE

In-office teeth whitening: GLO Science PRO WHITE is an in-office procedure performed by specially trained dental hygienists using the GLO Science teeth whitening device and proprietary H202 paste.

GLO science, teeth whitening logo
Take-home teeth whitening: GLO Science PRO WHITE

Patients can use one or both systems depending on their particular needs and in accordance with their dentist’s recommendations.

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In-office teeth whitening at Archer Dental uses GLO Science PRO WHITE

New science provides Archer Dental’s teeth whitening service teams in all three locations across Toronto with yet another high-tech tool!

GLO Science PRO WHITE is an in-office teeth whitening treatment that combines GLO warming heat and light with professional strength whitening gel (that can only be applied by a dental professional).  The patented GLO Brilliant device is the only teeth whitening system in Canada today to combine LED lights with warming GLO heat to accelerate safe hydrogen peroxide whitening formulation. Used in thousands of professional dental offices worldwide, the technology is clinically proven to whiten smiles with no sensitivity.

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GLO Science

How Does GLO In-Office Teeth Whitening Work?

Dr Archer as dental patient at Archer Dental Rosedale - Glo teeth whitening test

GLO chair side service at Archer Dental is a fast professional treatment that creates a whiter smile in under an hour, without pain.  Suitable candidates must be approved in advance for the treatment at Archer Dental. *Teeth whitening is usually proceeded by a cleaning and routine check-up.

At the beginning of each in-office teeth whitening appointment, patients are provided with protective gear which includes a surprisingly comfortable lip guard.  After this plastic mouth piece is inserted, further lip protection is applied to especially sensitive areas, and any lip surfaces prone to inadvertent contact with the active ingredients in the GLO Science tooth whitening gel.  All manner of precautions are taken to avoid skin burns or any discomfort, and Archer Dental staff are the best in the business at making patients feel comfortable in their designer dental chairs.

applying gingival barrier to teeth whitening patient
curing the gingival barrier before teeth whitening at Archer Dental

The next thing to be protected are the patient’s gums. GLO Science sends along a gingival barrier system that is photo-bonded into hardness. So first the staff member skillfully squirts the viscous substance on the gums right where they meet the patient’s teeth, creating a shield.

Then the gingival barrier is cured using light. This hardens the liquid serum into a firm protective shield and will keep the patient’s gums safe from the chemical reaction that’s about to occur on the surface of the teeth in the GLO Science teeth whitening process.

Next, with the device lit up and warming-up on the desk (and has been for ten minutes prior to this point), the Archer Dental staff member skillfully applies GLO Science Professional 24% H2O2 Tooth Whitening Gel directly onto the patient’s teeth.

Then the staff member will apply the gel directly onto the inside portion of the device, a semi-circle of blue LED lights shaped like a human bite.

teeth whotening archer dental - GLO science - hydrogen peroxide paste on teeth - bleach enamel - white
applying teeth whitening gel to the GLO Science device

GLO Science PRO White teeth whitening device is made ready by the attendant before being carefully inserted into the patient’s mouth.

The patient’s teeth are coated with the peroxide pastes and the device has more gel on the inside portion.  The patient bites down just enough to make contact, and to allow the LED lights inside to warm and glow the photo-activated H2O2 reagent.

G.L.O. Science whitening system is designed for speed, efficiency and safety.  Essentially, this breakthrough whitening system eliminates the messy trays and dentist operated light-guns.

GLO science teeth whotening - heat and light on hydrogen peroxide
GLO teeth whotening device being inserted into patient's mouth

The patented Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) device innovation combines warming heat-plus-light in a closed system mouthpiece to activate the professional strength GLO Professional Whitening Gel.  Their technology uses both light and heat to optimize the effects of their specially concocted hydrogen peroxide toothpaste.  Eight minute applications have been deemed optimal and as such as set-up in the device. The mouthpiece works to whiten both top and bottom teeth simultaneously.

Invented by oral health expert Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, GLO Science Professional is safe to use on crowns, caps, bonding and veneers. The LED lights in the mouthpiece emit a blue light (not UV light). The wavelength is similar to what has been used in professional tooth whitening for 10 years. Because the light is built into the mouthpiece and timed for 8 minute intervals only, the contact time is ideal for a session without sensitivity.

Below is a video that shows the system at work whitening teeth.

GLO uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) that emit blue light. Blue light has a wavelength of approximately 470 nm (nanometers) and is part of the “visible light spectrum”, which range from approximately 400nm to 700nm. It is completely harmless and has no negative effect on the human body.

GLO Science at work in Dr Archer's mouth - Archer Dental teeth Whitening test
white teeth after GLO Science teeth whotening at Archer Dental

The GLO teeth whitening system makes patients smile more. Most people who get the treatment in-office are delighted and even a little surprised by the results.  A recent study conducted by shows how GLO Science ranks 67 percent better than competitors’ tooth whitening products, and more than 80 percent of the consultants involved in the study said they would recommend the product.

Who It’s Best Suited For:

  • Patients who need an easy, fast, and effective whitening solution that can be completed in one sitting.
  • Patients who want to see immediate results.
  • Patients who may be prone to sensitivity as GLO Science has no pain or discomfort.

How to get GLO Science PRO in-office teeth whitening?

Call or visit any Archer Dental location for more information.

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Take-Home Teeth Whitening at Archer Dental employs Venus White Pro Whitening Trays

taking impressions of teeth for Venus White Pro trays at Archer Dental
Taking dental impressions of teeth for custom fit Venus White Pro trays at Archer Dental.

GLO uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) that emit blue light. Blue light has a wavelength of approximately 470 nm (nanometers) and is part of the “visible light spectrum”, which range from approximately 400nm to 700nm. It is completely harmless and has no negative effect on the human body.

Venus White Pro is a take-home whitening kit for custom trays.  Our staff uses alginate molds to take custom bite-impressions which are made into molds that perfectly fit our patient’s teeth.

The carbamide peroxide whitening gel in the kits is available in concentrations of 16%, 22% and 35%, and in various kit configurations, to meet patient needs. The viscous whitening gel is mint flavored and contains potassium nitrate.

For best results, Venus White Pro should be used with custom whitening trays for up to 14 days. Depending on the gel concentration and the patient’s preference for time of day, whitening is achieved following the manufacturer’s recommendations for use or recommendation by a dental professional.


Daytime Use

Nighttime Use
35%15 minutes, twice a day or 30 minutes once a day

22%60 minutes once or twice per dayup to 8 hours
16%4-6 hours per dayup to 8 hours
Venus PRO whitening custom take home trays for teeth whitening at home

Venus White Pro kits contain six syringes of whitening gel, paper shade guide, patient tray case, and instructions for use. Refill kits contain three syringes intended for touch-up applications. It is also available in 50 Syringe Packs, and a full line of patient marketing materials are available, including customizable pieces. Venus White Pro is just one offering within the complete family of Venus White teeth whitening and oral care products.

Venus White Pro was evaluated by five consultants in 14 patient uses. This take-home whitening kit received an 88% clinical rating.


  • A take home kit with custom trays that fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth.
  • This take-home whitening kit received a clinical success rating of 88% when evaluated by 5 consultants in 14 patient uses.

Venus White Pro Kit contains:

  • Six syringes of whitening gel
  • A paper shade guide
  • Patient tray case
  • Instructions for use

Application Process:

  • The mint flavoured gel is available in three different concentrations which should be used with the custom whitening trays for up to 14 days.
  • The three concentrations available for patients based on their lifestyle and needs are:
    • 35% concentration (can be used for 15 minutes twice a day or 30 minutes once a day)
    • 22% concentration (can be used for 60 minutes once or twice per day and for up to 8 hours at night)
    • 16% concentration (can be used for 4-6 hours per day and for up to 8 hours at night)

Who is the Venus White Pro Kit best suited for

  • People who are busy and need flexible whitening options.
  • Patients who want to monitor their whitening progress and who desire more gradual results.
  • Patients who want the option of whitening their teeth in the comfort of their own home (even as they sleep).
Venus White Pro kit available at Archer Dental in Toronto
Vita classical shade guide - 16 teeth from A1 to D1

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