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Our Shoot the Tooth Booth Impacted the 2018 Taste of Little Italy

archer dental little italy

Just twelve hours after we’d packed away the red carpet and red velvet ropes that had adorned the entrance to our Launch Party for Archer Dental Little Italy the night before, we returned to 564 College St to participate in the annual Taste of Little Italy street festival.

The Taste of Little Italy is a cultural celebration that transforms College Street from Bathurst to Shaw into an Italian piazza and promenade. Visitors from all across the city, and all across Ontario, come to the area and enjoy seeing and sampling the offerings made by participating shops; many businesses (especially the Italian restaurants and cafes lining College Street) put out specials for customers all along the four block stretch. Much of the cuisine on offer is packaged for mobile consumption. We saw folks munching on roast corn cobs, veal sandwiches, steak burgers, grilled chicken on a bun wrapped in foil, shrimp kabobs and all different types of ice creams. Several people were walking and drinking liquid from half-watermelon bowls.

This annual event brings thousands of people into Little Italy to experience the perks of the neighbourhood, and after the official launch party for Archer Dental Little Italy held the night before, our boutique dental shop was ready to say Hello World, and let everyone know there’s a new dentist on College Street. We were especially keen to meet and greet local Moms and Dads with young families. We knew the best way to do this was to somehow get the kids excited, and so we came up with an interactive challenge that, as you can see below, is very on-brand.Archer Dental Little Italy - shoot the tooth

Archer Dental’s #ShootTheTooth Archery Game at 2018 Taste of Little Italy was a Big Hit!

The activity was simple and appealed to young people aged five to fifteen. The game asked participants to pick up a bow & arrow and shoot the tooth that appeared in the ‘sights’ emblazoned on a vinyl sheet under our name and logo.  Winners received a free ice cream cup (gift certificate) from the The Big Chill, a classic neighborhood ice cream parlor located right next door to Archer Dental Little Italy and visible in the background of many of these pictures.winners getting ice cream at local ice cream parlour

All participants walked away with a balloon in one of three primary Italian flag colours – red, white or green.

Archer Dental Little Italy - shoot the tooth

Event branding is all about capturing the essence of your brand and giving it a proper showcase. Given the situation that presented itself, this archery related sports activity checked a lot of boxes.  For one thing,  it’s a kid magnet.  Young people’s eyes light-up when they first see that tooth and the suction cup bow & arrows.  Almost instinctually, young people have an inherently strong desire to shoot that tooth. Mom and Dad are equally thrilled to be part of the action and, without much prompting, reach for their phones to record the moment for themselves and friends via social media.

Having a storefront location in the middle of a busy street festival allows Archer Dental the rare and special opportunity to reach out and directly interface with the public right in front of our dental office.  During our installation, we challenged over a hundred Toronto area families to shoot the tooth and helped them experience fun moments they’ll never forget.

action hero sister shows shy counterpart how to hit the target

Let me share with you the story of these two young ladies who are very different sisters. The girl in the pink ball cap (seen above) is very adventurous, and she came right up and asked to be allowed to try the event. Her mother came along afterwards to record it using her phone.  Mom was followed by a shy daughter in the white cap who couldn’t be persuaded to try the activity (at first, anyway).

Archer Dental tooth target rebel girl

The girl in pink hit the tooth on the very first try, stepping into the shot so the arrow had more power;  the suction-cup tipped arrow hit the vinyl tooth target with a whack and even stuck for a second before falling to the ground. The action was followed by lots of cheers and high fives as the young winner was bequeathed her prize: a gift certificate for a free ice cream at The Big Chill.ice cream parlour

Minutes later, her sister had come to understand that her shyness had cost her a cone. She wanted the opportunity to shoot the tooth too!

two sister at taste of little italy archer dental We laughed aloud when both returned, prize in hand, to ask if the sister in white could try playing the game.

shy sister truies shoot the tooth archery game at Archer Dental

Our first foray into event branding wasn’t perfect, either.  We learned a lot and will definitely have some new tricks up our sleeves for next year.

Archer Dental shoot the tooth

The untested Shoot the Tooth game worked well at wrangling crowds, but didn’t really satisfy shooters who soon found they couldn’t make the suction cup arrows stick on the vinyl target.  These arrows’ suction cup tips are made of soft plastic and not rubber, so they really only stick to walls with smooth finishes.  But we have dreamed up a new activity that we call Shoot the Tooth Mark II.  Just wait till you see how it brings new meaning to the term ‘cavity’ (a word which Archer Dental doesn’t use anymore, clinically).

Acher Dental vinyl target

Events are where the magic happens, so it’s only natural that good branding should happen here too. Just watch what we do with this booth next year!

Archer Dental Little Italy Launches During the 2018 Taste of Little Italy Street Festival

a mariachi band rehearses in front of Archer Dental Little Italy

Last Friday night was a very special evening for everyone at Archer Dental as we officially launched our new location at 564 College Street.  Archer Dental Little Italy was born in a blaze of Italian pizza, prosecco and Paparazzi photos!  The dentists, dental hygienists, our dental office administrators (plus their families and friends) and several other notable guests all gathered on site to raise a glass to the future.

Joanne, Natalie, Adrianna, Vanessa at Little Italy Launch Party

This was a VIP, invite-only affair. Outside the office was red carpet with silver stanchions and red velvet ropes.  Nothing says exclusive event like ten feet of bright red carpet.  Our formal Launch Party even had a burly bouncer checking RSVP invites at the door.

The red carpet attracted past and present Archer Dental patients from across the city. People who were not on the official RSVP list, but who could prove they were friends of Archer Dental were allowed to enter and join in the celebrations.

VIP guests asking for invtes RSVP

Early in the evening, we had a stream of media mavens, bloggers and lifelong patients.  In the picture below, you can see that the Taste of Little Italy street festival is just getting underway outside as Christina Paruag of FemEvolve health and wellness magazine prepares to chat with Dr Natalie Archer.

Christina Paruag - FemEvolve magazine

Amico’s Pizza catered the food, twice; they served Italian meatballs and their signature deluxe pizzas.  The first load appeared at seven o’clock and was followed by another delivery at eight.

Archer Dental Launch Party - spicy Italian meatballs

Below is Dr Grant Yiu with Dr Natalie Archer and some of the extended staff and service providers. Our youngest guest is also pictured here as Grant’s daughter, Mia, stayed up well past her bed time!  Archer Dental Little Italy is a family friendly practice with a focus on kids; read about our Shoot the Tooth archery game booth held during the 2018 Taste of Little Italy street festival.

Archer Dental admin

We love kids.  Archer Dental Little Italy is located near two busy schools: Clinton Street Junior Public School at 460 Manning Ave teaches Kindergarten to Grade 6, and St Francis Assisi Catholic School is located at 80 Clinton Street and is also Kindergarten to Grade Eight. We hope families will find and use our newest location on College Street.

A Mariachi Exclamation Mark Ended the Evening

Around nine pm, a fully costumed and properly equipped mariachi band showed up and serenaded guests with classics, “Cielito Lindo”, “Guantanamera”, “Mexico Lindo Y Querido” and “Cuando, Cuando, Cuando”; they were the real deal, and so it was a terrific surprise when guests learned that one of the troubadours is an Archer Dental staff member!

Mariachi band plays at Archer Dental Little Italy launch Party during Taste of Little Italy

Everyone was dancing and enjoying the upbeat musical stylings of the mariachi band.

Dental Hygienists at Archer Dental Little Italy Launch

The mariachi entertained our guests for twenty minutes as the perfect end to an already incredible night.

Marachi band at Archer Dental little Italy

Come visit us anytime at Archer Dental Little Italy, 564 College St, and keep your eyes open for our anniversary party during next year’s Taste of Little Italy festival.