Holistic Dentistry

When you are a patient at Archer Dental, we put a strong focus on a patients entire physical, emotional and spiritual well being. The Archer Dental team integrates a holistic approach to dentistry and focuses on patient-centred care. Holistic dentistry is also called alternative dentistry. Our team aims to promote health and wellness and help prevent oral diseases before they start. We believe that proper nutrition helps prevent and may reverse some degenerative dental diseases.

Importance of Overall Oral Health

Oral health is very important to one’s appearance and general sense of well being, but it is very important to our overall health.

Poor oral health can be linked with poor self-esteem, sleeping complications, and behavioural and developmental problems in children.  It can affect your ability to chew and how you digest our food properly. This means proper nutrition is extremely important as it will help you build strong teeth and gums, promote healing and combat certain diseases.

It is very important to remember that if you smoke you increase your risk of developing oral cancer and other dental diseases. This is because the tobacco smoke is extremely harmful to the gums and tissues of the mouth.

Toronto’s Holistic Dentist of Choice

We make sure the patient is looked after, we will listen to everyone of your questions. We want to completely make sure we understand everything about your particular situation, and then we will apply our expert knowledge and skills to bring you the best dental care that you expect when you are a patient at Archer Dental.  That’s what makes us the best holistic dentist in Toronto.

Everyone including you and your family is special and unique, and we will individualize your family’s needs. We offer you “extra mile” service by answering your questions, explaining the treatment plan, and then helping you decide on the best course of treatment for your family and you. We really care about our patients.