What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a full-spectrum approach to oral heath that avoids mercury amalgams and concentrates on finding the root cause of health issues which may only just be manifesting as dental problems. Our modern health care system is filled with knowledge silos; dentists work separately from doctors, chiropractors, and mental health therapists. But a patient’s health condition might involve aspects of all three practices. Some aspect of a patient’s health may be concerning to one specialist, but be ignored by another and this is how illness manifests. Holistic dentistry tries to bridge those gaps.

Holistic dentists are general dentists (meaning non-specialized or regular dentists) sometimes called family dentists who take a whole-body approach to dental treatment.

Holistic dentists want their patients to live healthy lives, free of toxins in their system. One way they help patients accomplish this is by using biocompatible tooth filling materials like porcelain rather than toxic metal materials. In particular, Holistic dentists avoid mercury amalgam. Mercury in the human body causes an effect known as ‘metal toxicity’, and it has many recognizable symptoms.

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Holistic dentists treat issues affecting patients’ teeth, gums, and jaws, and also the nose and throat as they’re affected by the mouth.

Can I practice holistic dentistry at home?

Yes. Holistic dentistry begins at home with a focus on proper oral health and by adopting good habits for cleaning teeth. Regular dental checkups and hygiene treatments are essential, along with all the routine dental care practices with which most patients are already familiar, such as brushing, flossing, and oral rinses. Holistic dentistry centers patients’ entire physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Archer Dental integrates a holistic approach to dentistry in our focus on patient-centered care. Holistic dentistry is also called alternative dentistry. Our team aims to promote health and wellness and help prevent oral diseases before they start. We believe that proper nutrition helps prevent and may even reverse some degenerative dental diseases.

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How does a holistic dentist fill a cavity?

There is a trend in holistic dentistry to use lasers or air-abrasion instead of drilling out decay in teeth with cavities. Holistic dentists generally use the same kind of anesthesia as conventional dentists. Some practices have a naturopathic doctor on staff who may offer an intravenous drip with Vitamin C to help the body fight the stress of the procedure, but neither this nor air-abrasion are common today, and neither are offered at Archer Dental.

Holistic dentists avoid Mercury amalgams and prefer tooth-colored composite resin fillings. Made from durable plastic, the material and insertion process requires a minimal amount of tooth preparation. Archer Dental’s composite fillings contain no Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in some plastics. This means, our fillings don’t subject patients to the potentially harmful effects of false hormones believed to be present in BPA.

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Even though Holistic dentists avoid metal fillings, because of the mercury found in the amalgams, the medical community is divided over whether such fillings are dangerous to overall health. Regardless, Archer Dental takes every precaution to practice safe dentistry in this respect and we do not use them. The FDA warns pregnant women and people with mercury sensitivity to avoid amalgam dental fillings.  Archer Dental chooses holistic fillings to reduce the risk for health complications from mercury and all our offices are amalgam-free.

Patients who have metal fillings composed of potentially toxic materials can have them removed before they expire. Holistic dentists remove amalgam fillings in rooms with adequate filtration to remove amalgam particles in the air and our protective equipment minimizes any toxicity to protect patients and staff.

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dental technology is biological and natural

How do holistic dentists treat root canals?

A holistic approach to dentistry avoids root canals whenever possible!  Dental carries represent a stress on the immune system that can manifest in many ways throughout the body.

Holistic or otherwise, dentists must remove decay inside the tooth to promote healing.  The dentist cleans it out and prepares the tooth to be filled. Holistic dentists will treat the tooth with a biological root canal filler and this can prevent the need for more complicated surgery. If root canal therapy is required, the dentist can use more biological technology.

Zirconia implants are considered holistic and are a biocompatible solution. Not only are zirconia implants non-toxic, but they are also beneficial in other ways as a dental implant option.  Zirconia implants are white, which means that they naturally blend in better for people with thinner gums.  Zirconia tooth restorations provide stability, function, and feel natural.

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Importance of Overall Oral Health

Oral health is very important to one’s appearance and general sense of well being, but it is very important to our overall health.

Poor oral health can be linked with poor self-esteem, sleeping complications, and behavioural and developmental problems in children.  It can affect your ability to chew and how you digest our food properly. This means proper nutrition is extremely important as it will help you build strong teeth and gums, promote healing and combat certain diseases.

It is very important to remember that if you smoke you increase your risk of developing oral cancer and other dental diseases. This is because the tobacco smoke is extremely harmful to the gums and tissues of the mouth.

Toronto’s Holistic Dentist of Choice

We try to understand the whole situation and will ask and answer questions as we try to comprehend the particulars of a patient’s life-situation, and then we apply expert knowledge and skills to create the most efficient, natural and non-toxic dental treatments.

Everyone including the patients’ family is special and unique, and we individualize family needs. We offer patients “extra s-mile” service by answering all questions, explaining the treatment plan in detail, and then helping decide on the best solutions. We really care about our patients.

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The Dental Diet is a well referenced book in the holistic dentist’s library

Dr. Steven Lin’s book has helped Canadians shift their ideas regarding oral health and become more willing to recognize issues that challenge bodily health and getting to the root cause of disease which might first manifest as dental issues. No longer will we see our teeth and oral health as merely comprising a warning system for issues with the rest of the body. Instead we will recognize that our teeth and oral health are functional and essential contributors to our overall wellness. The Dental Diet is the first and best guide to helping us understand the mechanisms of oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease, and crooked teeth and their effect on our overall health.

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