Dentures are removable implants for missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. There are two types of denture options: complete and partial dentures. Depending on your needs, either can be a fitting choice! Archer Dental can help you with either options.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures sound exactly how they look. Instead of having an entire set of new teeth, partial dentures replace missing teeth with implants to give you a complete smile. Partial dentures are teeth implants fixed to a pink gum-like base that clicks into your upper or lower palette. Like a retainer, they are removable and can be easily cleaned this way and can be a great alternative to implants. They are a great solution if most your natural teeth can be kept in healthy condition.

What are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are for those who need a completely new set of teeth. Immediate dentures are given before a custom set are made to your specifications. 12 weeks after teeth removal, your gums will be healed enough for a full set of implants. The professionals at Archer Dental will then walk you through how to take care of your dentures properly to last you a lifetime!

How to clean dentures?

Patients are advised to brush their dentures to clean them. This exercise should be followed by soaking dentures overnight in warm, but not hot water. Patients should rinse their dentures warm water each morning before they put them back in their mouths.

Archer Dental helps patients learn how to care for their dentures and helps establish a daily maintenance routine. We strongly advise our clients not to sleep with their dentures in their mouths overnight; we recommend they remove them and clean them as described above to keep the dental device clean and to reduce harmful bacteria.

How to care for your dentures at night?

As stated above, patients who leave their dentures in their mouths overnight will encourage the build-up of harmful bacteria and they could have issues with infections. Not sleeping with dentures is step one of the maintenance plan.

Critical to the health of any patient’s news dentures is an effective daily cleaning routine. Patients will want to remove all plaque or bacteria that is on their dentures overnight so that when they put them back in in the morning, they are clean and fresh and ready for the day.