Oral Surgery

Whether you’re looking to modify your dentition, improve your appearance for cosmetic reasons or for health reasons our surgeons will make sure you are properly informed from the beginning to end.  They will put you at ease, and they will educate you about your treatment options. Common procedures include:

  • implant dentures and other prostheses
  • removal of wisdom teeth
  • removal of impacted teeth
  • fixing malocclusions (improper bites) for dental restorations.

Other procedures:

Crown Lengthening is done to expose an increased amount of the tooth structure for the purpose of restoring the tooth prosthetically.

Sinus augmentation, also know as a sinus lift. Bone is usually added to the upper jaw, or maxilla, in the areas of premolar and molar teeth.  The goal of this surgery is to graft enough bone material on the upper jaw which in turn supports the base of a dental implant.

We also use special instruments such as a dental laser for specific use in oral surgery and other dentistry procedures. Depending on the laser it will use different wavelengths for different applications. Using a laser has many benefits; it can reduce the need for anesthetics because following the soft tissue procedures there will be minor bleeding.

When there is an issue we will refer you to our in-house general surgeon, they will then have a consultation with you to make sure you know each step involved in the process. From here we will make sure the surgery is scheduled and performed. We know this is a scary process but we want to make you as comfortable as possible. Whether you have a small question or a list of questions we will make sure you are at ease and know that you are in trusting, steady hands.