Apr 15, 2016

Oral Health Month: Listen to your Body

“If only I’d gone to the doctor sooner,” is probably one of the worst regrets a person can have in life. In honour of oral health month, we thought it was the perfect time to remind you that your oral health is a huge indicator of your overall health, and that the second you sense there’s something not quite right with either, you should go to a doctor rather than waiting as it worsens, hoping it’ll go away on its own.

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Mar 8, 2016

Dental Trivia!

If you’re in the mood to expand your knowledge when it comes to teeth and oral health, we’ve got some interesting bits of trivia for you!

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Jan 27, 2016

Tips to Help You Keep Your Resolutions

Picking your New Year’s Resolution is the easy part – actually keeping it is a whole other kettle of fish. If you’re struggling not to break the goals you set for yourself this new year, we have some tips to help keep you strong!

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Dec 31, 2015

Dental New Year’s Resolutions

With 2016 fast approaching, there’s no better time to get started on your list of resolutions. Here’s a dental checklist to help you keep on top of your oral hygiene as well as your personal goals for the New Year!

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