Jul 20, 2014

Smart Toothbrushes For Connected Bathrooms

Behold Smart Toothbrushes are here,

Sometimes I can’t believe we’re living in the year 2014.  But when I see smart dental products for sale in the drug store, I know its true. To me this equipment says, ‘Welcome to the future, a world of possibilities’.

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May 27, 2014

Ask Archer Dental: Allergy Season and Dry Mouth

“Ask Archer Dental” is a chance for you to ask us any of your dental questions or concerns. Our team will answer as many of your questions as possible every month. We hope this feature will help to relieve anxieties that some may experience when thinking about visiting the dentist or other dental worries.

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Apr 8, 2014

Thank you to our Dental Hygienists

Did you know this week is National Dental Hygienists week?

Please join us in recognizing and thanking our amazing Dental Hygienists, Chandula, Jennifer and Ashley, for the fantastic care they provide to our patients all year long. In addition, thank you to all Hygienists across Canada who provide oral hygiene care to all Canadians

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