The Perfect Little Smile

Picture Day is often both a blessing and a curse; it helps parents and children build lasting memories and gives kids something to look forward to during an otherwise mundane school day, but one bad outfit choice or awkward blink at the wrong moment can ruin everything.

Here are some tips and tricks that we think can help you and your kids achieve the perfect Picture Day smile:


On the morning of the school picture, send your child to school with floss (in string or stick form), some chewing gum, a compact mirror, and a comb. Remind your child to check their teeth before they head down to have their picture taken because all it takes is one piece or parsley or one popcorn kernel to spoil their smile.


Have your child practice their smile in front of a mirror a couple of days before pictures are scheduled to occur. Kids are often self-conscious about having their picture taken by strangers, so do your best to help get them comfortable by bringing your cellphone with you and taking a bunch of warm up pictures with them first. Bonus points if you join in the fun and have your child take some pictures of you too.


Have a back up outfit ready. Accidents happen and the last thing you want is for your child to get to school and to spill applesauce all over themselves just prior to having their picture taken. Ensure your child brings a spare shirt and a spare pair of pants with them just in case. This also helps if your child has last minute outfit regret but is unable to go back home to change.


And speaking of outfits – don’t force your child to wearing something they don’t want to wear or feel uncomfortable in. It will show on their face and in their composure and will be immortalized in their school picture forever. Work with them to find an outfit you’re both happy with.


Remember to make any major changes to your child’s appearance the night before or the morning of! Yes, this includes impulsive hair cuts and, depending on your child’s age, experimenting with hair dye. As adorable as your child might look with bangs, the morning before Picture Day really isn’t the time to unleash your scissors on them.