Your Perfect Smile

Grin and bear it: your smile is something that’s universally recognized as a symbol of happiness, regardless of where you live or the language you speak. Not only is your smile an indication of your demeanor, but it can affect those around you, too. Have you ever tried smiling at a stranger? It’s completely contagious — try it!

Between selfies, making a good first impression, and even winning over your boss, your smile contributes to all of ‘em.  Here’s how to perfect your winning smile:

You’ll feel a little silly practicing different smiles in the mirror (only if you get caught), but it’s important that you feel confident and a bit sassy in the smile you wear everyday. And a great way to feel confident in your grin is to know what it looks like! Your perfect smile  should be comfortable enough that you can hold it for an hour. If it hurts, it’s probably slightly forced. So turn on some happy jams, head to your mirror, and you’ll find the no-cheese please smile before you know it.


Nothing says camera-ready like a white, healthy smile. As kids, we have our parents to remind us to take care of our teeth, but as adults, chances are your mom is not calling you twice a day to remember to brush AND floss (including those teeth way at the back!). Visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning, rinse with water after drinking red wine or eating a sugary treat, and try to use a straw when drinking coffee or tea.


Ahh, yes. The smize, which is smiling with your eyes. Ever wondered why we are blessed with crows feet as we get older? From all the smiling! Turns out Tyra was right– smiling should be a combined effort with your mouth and eyes. When you show off your grin, pay attention to how your eyes feel. If they feel slightly squinted and the muscles around them are contracting, you’ve nailed it!


The most genuine smiles are those that emerge during laughter. Next time you’re posing for a photo, think of something that makes you chuckle and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how the picture turns out. No untagging required!


Now that you’ve found your best smile, rock it as often as possible! In the shower, on the phone, at the grocery store–we promise you’ll notice an extra pep in your step.