VirusKiller Air Filters Increase Air Quality and Safety at our Dental Clinics

In June 2020, Archer Dental installed advanced anti-viral air filtration units called VirusKillers, and this is just one more way we protect our clinics and keep everyone safe.

VirusKiller air filtration devices in dental clinic

Archer Dental diligently guards against infection with vigilance and smart investments. We have both unique software and innovative hardware. Our frontline staff connects with each patient remotely before they arrive using Dental Attendant, an artificial intelligence chat bot which runs all prospective visitors through a nine-point questionnaire. We take everyone’s temperature upon arrival and use Sterilog, the very latest instrument sterilization system in addition to all our regular infection control procedures. And now in 2021, because coronavirus-19 is an airborne contagion, we’ve hired air filtration experts to come and improve the breathable atmospheric and air-circulation inside each of our clinics.

Alan Pinkerton simulates human exhale to measure and improve the dissipation rate.
Alan Pinkerton visits Archer Dental Rosedale – Sunday 21st Feb 2021

Dentistry is an Essential Service

Earlier this month, Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a second state of emergency and issued a stay-at-home order for the province beginning on January 14th, 2021. This directive requires everyone to remain at home, except for essential workers, or people exercising, or going to the grocery store and pharmacy, or accessing health-care services. We’re dentists who provide essential health care and so we remain open. It falls on us to ensure our facilities are as safe as possible, and we’ve taken our responsibility to the extreme, for everyone’s benefit.

Dr. Natalie Archer with Alan Pinkerton
Dr. Natalie Archer with Alan Pinkerton

Alan Pinkerton is a Virus Hunter

Alan has a medical science background and uses state-of-the-art gadgets to track invisible contagion which he eliminates in his VirusKillers. He started the hunt by measuring the humidity and carbon dioxide levels in the operatories. Measuring CO2 is one way to get a baseline for tracking respiration and human breath exhale in a room; we watch the device gain a hundred points as three people converse in the space.

A carbon dioxide meter measures the gas in parts-per-million.

Alan’s hunt was very comprehensive. He checked each traveled space in each clinic before the air conditioner was turned-on to see how the natural layouts affect the way air moves in our facilities. Then he turned on the in-house HVACs and we eyeballed how much better the smoke moved through the room. Finally, after he installed his machine, we checked a third and final time to make sure all the simulated exhalant dissipated in under a second.

And where does the air go? Into a Radic8 VirusKiller 401.

Radic8 – VirusKiller401 in Archer Dental Baby Point

VK 401 by Radic8 was made in South Korea and was first developed after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in 2003. These are the latest models Alan brokers today. The VK401 decontamination unit is specially designed for dental surgeries and other medically sensitive spaces. This is clean air technology solution that has been tested and proven to increase airflow and optimize disinfection in a small room, such as dental operatories. The air filtration unit deactivates viruses and bacteria and effectively neutralizes noxious gases and larger particles such as dust, dander, and other allergens.

VirusKiller hardward delivered to Archer Dental Little Italy
Radic8 VirusKiller air filtration units delivered to Archer Dental Little Italy

How does it work? As the room’s atmosphere passes through the machine, it goes through a two-stage cleaning process; first the air is purified and then disinfected. The pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter all combine to eliminate other particles like dust, pollen and smoke. Organic and biological contaminants are exposed to a patented UV-C Reactor Chamber, where germicidal hydroxyl radicals are produced to efficiently deactivate viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi. This clean air is then delivered back into the breathing zone providing world-class, real-time indoor air protection.

The VirusKiller is ideal for small commercial spaces. Keep your eyes open for Alan Pinkerton, the Virus Hunter in medical offices, elderly care homes, government buildings, school classrooms and childcare facilities, and leisure facilities across Ontario.