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Natalie Archer receives ODA Award of Merit

From the Ontario Dental Association. This award recognizes outstanding service at the component society, specialty or provincial level. Dr. Archer was presented with her Merit Award at a meeting of the West Toronto Dental Society on May 29, 2014.
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Reprinted with permission of the Ontario Dental Association and Ontario Dentist, 2014.

Video: ArcherDental receives NICE Award

NICE and the Canadian Centre for Elder Law Congratulate Archer Dental on National Seniors Day. For continuing excellence, innovation and commitment to elder care issues.

Publication: Brushing Teeth Can Save Lives

Dr. Natalie Archer writes in the McMaster University publication The Optimal Aging Portal. The article discusses how the quality of oral health among seniors points to neglect and shows we need to ‘brush up’ on mouth care.

Innovation in dentistry

doctor works with patient in the dentist office

Innovative and evidence-based dentistry is the hallmark of Archer Dental.Both offices have amazing technology, which includes operating microscopes, intra-oral cameras, and a digital panoramic dental x-ray machine in the Rosedale clinic. At the Runnymede clinic, dental chairs float on a cushion of air so that they can be moved anywhere in the operatory. The Runnymede clinic also has continuous oxygen available to simplify treatment of elderly patients with medical comorbidities. Archer Dental use the latest materials, techniques, and protocols, and treatment is provided by highly trained and experienced staff, including an expert in pediatric dentistry and an expert in oral surgery. In addition, temporomandibular disorder treatment and Botox® are available.


Comfortable Dentistry

Archer Dental focuses on providing patients with a comfortable experience. At the  Rosedale clinic, which specializes in family dentistry, the concept of comfort is evident in the soothing  spa-like atmosphere and amenities. Patients are greeted by a cheerful staff member who takes their  coats and provides a hot towel. The waiting room features a wall of water-filled glass bubbles, which  creates a tranquil ambience. Treatment rooms are equipped with flat-screen television so that patients  can watch TV during their appointments. Both clinics are child friendly—they are equipped with treasure  boxes, from which children can select their own treasure after their appointment. At the Runnymede  clinic, which also provides family dentistry but specializes in geriatric dentistry, the entire experience is  made easy and comfortable for patients by providing an all-access space for seniors, especially those  with mobility problems.

Natalie Archer was voted Best Dentist 2013 by NOW Magazine and has been nominated again.

What’s happening with the D.E.A.R Project…

Dental Elder Abuse Response (D.E.A.R.) ProjectThe response from D.E.A.R has been amazing. We have received inquiries from and worked with organizations across Canada and the United States including the New York Centre Elder Abuse Centre and the International Association of Caregivers. The program is the first of its kind in the world.  Currently, we are in the process of producing a webinar on seniors’ dental issues and D.E.A.R to continue to reach people abroad. We have also delivered several community workshops on dental advance care planning across Toronto and disseminated educational tools to help people create an advance care plan.  An important part of promoting dental health in seniors is ensuring that they make record their wishes in their wills or advance care plans. To learn more about advance care planning, download the advanced care guide from the Province of Ontario.

D.E.A.R Project! How can you help?

The Dental Elder Abuse Response (D.E.A.R.) Project is a joint pilot project of Archer Dental (West Toronto), the Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL), and the National Initiative for Care of the Elderly (Dental Theme Team). D.E.A.R. is funded through a small community-based grant from the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) – Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

This project is creating the first materials in Canada which link dentists, caregivers and older adults together on issues of abuse and neglect. Working with dentists, hygienists, seniors, caregivers and community organizations, the D.E.A.R. Project is “Taking the Bite out of Elder Abuse”. Its senior peer-trained workshops, online videos, helpful brochures and checklists provide practical, evidence-based and expert hands-on material to recognize and prevent dental elder abuse and neglect.  These materials also help to start the conversation about advance care planning related to dental issues. The content and tools we developed are designed to help caregivers take an active role in promoting the dental health of the seniors that they care for.  We are seeing that this simple idea is having a BIG impact.  Many caregivers just did not know how to brush another person’s teeth effectively and now can learn online through D.E.A.R.

How can you help? 

  • Become a peer-trainer, watch our short online videos, schedule a workshop, and download our free brochures and checklists!
  • Become a member of the NICE Network’s Dental Theme Team
  • Join us on social media for project updates and share your ideas


D.E.A.R. (Dental Elder Abuse Response) Project

Did you know that as we age our dental health becomes even more important and yet many older adults suffer terrible abuse and neglect related to oral hygiene?

Poor or neglected oral health can be a form of elder abuse and it is a serious issue. Dental elder abuse can cause pain, suffering and illness for the older person. It can even lead to cases of preventable death.

Our D.E.A.R Project is really “taking a bite out of dental elder abuse”.  The media attention through Best Dentist Toronto was very important to our work in raising awareness of elder abuse and neglect from a dental perspective.

We held a launch event for D.E.A.R in early 2014 which delivered our message to key community networks.  Media, prominent politicians, and health stakeholders participated including Peggy Nash, MP Parkdale – High Park; Cheri DiNovo, MPP Parkdale – High Park; Dr. Daniel Haas, Dean at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry; and Martin Chartier, the Assistant Chief Dental Officer of Canada.  The event received lots of attention and coverage.