Comfortable Dentistry

Archer Dental focuses on providing patients with a comfortable experience. At the  Rosedale clinic, which specializes in family dentistry, the concept of comfort is evident in the soothing  spa-like atmosphere and amenities. Patients are greeted by a cheerful staff member who takes their  coats and provides a hot towel. The waiting room features a wall of water-filled glass bubbles, which  creates a tranquil ambience. Treatment rooms are equipped with flat-screen television so that patients  can watch TV during their appointments. Both clinics are child friendly—they are equipped with treasure  boxes, from which children can select their own treasure after their appointment. At the Runnymede  clinic, which also provides family dentistry but specializes in geriatric dentistry, the entire experience is  made easy and comfortable for patients by providing an all-access space for seniors, especially those  with mobility problems.

Natalie Archer was voted Best Dentist 2013 by NOW Magazine and has been nominated again.