Things College and University Kids Do That Nobody Else Understands

There’s nothing quite like going off to College or University for the first time. Joining the adult world can be scary, so it’s no surprise that most students find creative ways to adapt to living away from home and being separated from their parents for a huge chunk of the year.

Here’s a list of our favourite things College and University kids do that nobody else understands.

1. Just because they’re broke and sleep-deprived doesn’t mean they don’t want to go all out during the holidays. Here are some of our favourite examples of College and University students
decking the halls in some rather creative ways

2. Rather than expanding their recipe repertoire, a lot of students choose to get gourmet on some dorm classics. Check out these classy Kraft Dinner Mac’n Cheese and

Ramen Noodle dishes.

3. Between going to class, having a social life, doing homework, and getting enough sleep, it can be hard for most students to find time to actually study. So while we may not agree with cramming for an exam until the night before a big test, we can (somewhat) understand why it happens.

And of course, here’s the one we consider the most relevant:

4. We know that it can be a bit daunting to find a new dentist but that doesn’t mean you need to keep scheduling appointments with your childhood dentist out of town.

The next time you feel a cavity coming in, we think you’ll find it much less stressful to book an appointment with a dental office located near your school as opposed to having to travel home on short notice (especially if your home is more than an hour away from campus).