Dentist Tools. They only LOOK scary…

Dental Drill (noisy, but effective)

Removes decay from the tooth before fillings, then smoothes and polishes the tooth after.


Mouth Mirror (nothing to see here)

Gives your dentist a good view of all the nooks and crannies in your mouth.


Spoon Excavator (no drill? No problem!)

Used to remove softer tooth decay that doesn’t quite require the firepower of the drill.


Anaesthetic (*sings* I can’t feel my face when I’m with you…)

A numbing agent to protect the sensitive enamel on your teeth.


Dental Probes (hide and seek champions)

The sickle probe is used to find cavities and other oral issues.

The periodontal probe is used to find oral issues and measure the periodontal pockets.


Dental Syringe (a little pinch for a big smile)

Used to administer your anaesthesia to numb teeth and gums before a procedure.