Dr. Archer’s School Visit at Lambton Kingsway

School Visit at Lambton Kingsway

Dr. Archer has always been passionate about giving back to her community, and this past week was no exception. Just this past Friday, Dr. Archer visited Lambton Kingsway School in Etobicoke to discuss why dentistry is an awesome career!
Growing up in a world with so many possible jobs and life paths, it can be tough for a lot of kids to know what they really want to be when they grow up. Dr. Archer did her best to shed some light on why dentistry matters. She began her talk by giving them a bit of a quiz – what is a dentist and what do they do beyond just looking after teeth? She also asked them what skills a dentist needs in order to be good at their job. The kids were very engaged and interested in the discussion, which was especially great because communication skills are one of the important ones Dr. Archer highlighted. Dr. Archer also made sure to teach the kids that you can be a dentist even if you don’t like math or science or aren’t ‘good’ at it. She made sure they understood that it is absolutely untrue that you can’t do science related jobs but that you’ll have to work hard and try your best. She also encouraged them not to ‘close any doors’ (advice that’s true of life in general), which was a sentiment their teacher loved in particular. The kids and Dr. Archer then discussed some of the opportunities that can come with dentistry as a profession, the different streams available to you, and how wonderful it is to truly make a difference in peoples’ lives. Their teacher was blown away by the presentation and Dr. Archer made sure to invite the class to come see the hospital or community clinic at any time. She also left behind toothbrushes and floss for them to encourage good dental hygiene habits even from an early age.