Dental Trivia!

If you're in the mood to expand your knowledge when it comes to teeth and oral health, we've got some interesting bits of trivia for you!

  1. Did you know that tooth decay in children is a new concept? Kids in prehistoric times didn’t have to worry about it because their diets were free of sugar! 

  2.  The only organ that’s fully developed at birth in a human baby is the tongue

  3.  Women smile an average of 62 times a day

  4.  Before modern toothbrushes, humans in ancient history would clean their teeth with twigs and roots.

  5.  Of every 2,000 babies born, one will have a tooth already in their mouth.

  6.  The strongest substance in the human body is tooth enamel

  7.  The Chinese celebrate a holiday called ‘Love your Teeth’ day

  8.  Snails have thousands of teeth all lined up in rows

  9.  Some people in medieval Germany believed kissing a donkey would cure a toothache

  10.  The ancient Romans used to make toothpaste out of honey and eggshells

  11.  Much like a fingerprint, everyone’s tongue print is unique too


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