The Doctors of Archer Dental

We love getting to know our patients during their appointments so we thought it was only fair to return the favour!

We recently launched a new page on our website called, 'The Doctors of Archer Dental' and we’re proud to share a little bit about ourselves with you.

Dr. Shannon Hobbs

Appearing on television shows such as The Social, Dr. Hobbs is an active member in the dental professional community.

Dr. Shael Markin

With a background in engineering, Dr. Shael Markin brings a hands-on scientific approach to dentistry. Shael is excited about the future of dental technology, and as a cutting edge dental office so is Archer Dental!

Dr. Eli Filliotis

Dr. Filliotis talks about how she brings her scientific background to the job and the importance of prevention. This is a dentist that clearly loves her job.

You can check out our website to learn more about our 3 dentists and our 4 dental hygienists (Lala, Krista, Mary, and Tina)